Welcome to my blog

March 8, 2019

Hello, my name is Dr. Lauren Macaluso, welcome to my blog!

As my daughter is now a junior in college and my son is a senior in high school, I’ve noticed I have a little more time in my daily life. As all mothers know, it’s challenging to raise our children, thrive in our relationships with our partners, family members, and friends, work outside the home, and take care of our own mind, body, and soul. I strive with some of the extra minutes I now have, to write and share via posts, experiences, and information that can be educational and helpful. I am fortunate to work with breastfeeding mothers and their babies and families every day. This is a unique time in their lives filled with physical, emotional and social changes. It is an honor to provide support and care. While I learn from reading studies and attending conferences, the most important part of my education comes from the mothers, babies, and families I care for every day.

I hope to utilize this platform as a way to continue to provide knowledge and support. Sharing information can help to continue to empower women on their breastfeeding and parenting journey. As a pediatrician with a breastfeeding medicine practice, I don’t get to see families as frequently after their breastfeeding goals are reached. I miss that. Strong bonds are made during this precious time. I feel these entries will continue that relationship.

At least until I see you with your next baby 🙂