Introducing Allied’s New and Improved Telehealth Program! 

Personalized breastfeeding support for mom and baby, virtually!

Practice Code: Dr. Lauren Macaluso- 2300

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm The doctors at Allied Physicians Group are committed to enhancing the lives of our patients and parents. We know you’re busy, and that getting to the doctor isn’t always easy, so we’re bringing our doctors to you. Introducing our new and improved telehealth visits via the Anytime Pediatrics app!
telehealth visit is a consultation, health check, or sick visit with an Allied Physicians Group doctor via video conferencing. It is comparable to a FaceTime or Skype call using an iOS or Android device. The physician is able to look at your child, manage symptoms, and talk to you from anywhere you are. Download the AnyTime Pediatrics app from the App Store or Google Play to get started!    Dr. Macaluso will answer all questions covering: ✓   Infant weight gain & feeding amounts ✓   Infant urine and stooling pattern ✓   Infant feeding cues ✓   Stimulation techniques for Sleepy Baby ✓   Settling techniques for Fussy Baby ✓   Frequency and Duration of Breastfeeding ✓   Nipple and Breast Care ✓   Pumping and Hand Expression ✓   Breast Milk Storage ✓   Vitamins, Supplements, Medications ✓  Nutrition and Exercise
Here’s how to get started! Step 1 – Download the Anytime Pediatrics App    • You will be asked to enter a practice code. Practice Code: Dr. Lauren Macaluso- 2300 Step 2 – Log in on any device *Please call the office to schedule an appointment Step 3 – Your telehealth visit will occur Step 4 – Return to your daily activity without disruption Is there a cost associated with Telehealth visits? Visits are covered by many insurances please call the office to see if your plan is participating.